Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from 25th September - 2nd October 2017

In fact, a great day to make any initiations in this area of life is Saturday, November 1, when Mercury in the same sector of friendships and goals will reach out to Jupiter, your ruler, in your sector of travel and intellectual thinking. This is a great time to travel with friends or to make strides towards a long-term academic, publishing or intellectual goal.

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At the same time, Mars in your salary house will reach out lovingly to Neptune in your home and family zone. It seems you could receive money from a hidden source or from a family member. At the very least, try to take advantage of this energy by spending quality time with your family. Sagittarius Year Horoscope. On Monday, October 20 th , Mercury conjuncts the fated North Node in your friendship and goals sector, and the pair send beautiful beams to Jupiter in your travel and thinking zone!

You could meet an influential person at this time- perhaps a foreigner or a friend you meet while traveling! On the same day, Venus in this same goals and friendship sector zeroes in on Mars in your own sign, suggesting you could even find romance with a friend at this time! Saturn has been hammering down on your 12 th house for almost two years now, bringing a possibly toxic person or situation into your life. You may have even been dealing with the illness of yourself or a loved one.

It seems this eclipse could offer you a light at the end of the tunnel, and with it, a possible solution to close this chapter of your life. This eclipse is reaching out happily to Neptune in your home sector, suggesting the matter may have to do with a housing or family situation.

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Luckily, Mercury finally goes direct on Saturday, October 25 th , giving you the go ahead to move forward with any stalled projects and plans. On this same day, the Sun collides with good luck Venus in your closure sector, making for a beautiful day to work on a creative project or address a health concern. On Sunday , October 26th , Mars ends its tour of your sign and heads into your income sector. Mars in this sector can point to an uptick in spending, so try to control your impulses.

This week could see a long-held dream come true, as a series of aspects occur between planets in your 11 th house of friendship and goals and planets in your travel and self sectors. You may even go on an exciting trip with pals. The North Node has been in your friendship and goals sector since March, pushing you to collaborate within a group or focus on long-term goals.

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You may have even found yourself adding some new friends into your social circle this year, or training under a mentor. The only problem with the North Node in this sector is that it means the South Node is traversing your fun and love sector- bringing challenges to personal projects, romances, and children. The Universe wants you to focus on being a part of a team right now. You may have the opportunity to do just that by Thursday, October 16 th , when the Sun conjuncts Mercury in this same sector of friendship and goals, and the pair reach out lovingly to motivator Mars in your own sign of Sagittarius.

Then on Friday, October 17th Mercury conjuncts Venus in your friendship and goals house, and on Sunday, October 19 th Venus in this sector smooches Mars in your sign! It seems nearly every day this week contains possibilities for good news relating to group collaborations, friendships, technology, and philanthropy, so take advantage of this energy.

While everyone is likely to feel the influences in some way this week, you are most likely to feel them strongly if you have a planet or point between 16 and 27 degrees in Libra, degrees Leo, and degrees Sagittarius. Earlier degrees are more likely to feel it earlier in the week, and later degrees are more likely to feel it later in the week. Romance could interfere with a friendship or goal on Tuesday, October 7 th , as the Sun and Uranus oppose each other in these sectors for you.

In fact, Wednesday, October 8th seems to bring a romance, pregnancy, or creative project to culmination, as a lunar eclipse occurs in your 5 th house. Tread carefully, since Wednesday also sees Venus in your friendship and goals sector anger Pluto in your income sector.

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A long-term goal could prove expensive at this time, or you could argue with your employer over your salary. Luckily, Friday, October 10 th , is a beautiful day for goals and friendships, as the Sun in this sector makes a beautiful connection to your ruler, Jupiter, in your travel and thinking house- the house your sign of Sagittarius rules!

This is a wonderful day to solidify travel plans or make initiations in academic, intellectual, or spiritual projects. With Mars in your sign reaching out happily to the fated north node in your goals sector, it seems matters will turn out in your favor. Watch the next two weeks to see how this plays out. You may even meet a love interest out of the blue- possibly a foreigner!

Otherwise, confusion, self-doubt, and low self-esteem are possible. Personal relationships may be subject to dishonesty and deception. You may also be extra sensitive to drugs and alcohol, and more susceptible to infection and poisoning. Thursday to Sunday you should be feeling happy, optimistic, generous and content.

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Good luck comes as opportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth. You may be the beneficiary of compliments, gifts or money. This is an excellent time to begin new studies or long-distance travel.

New relationships, investments, or the beginning of any new projects are favored. Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope Sagittarius Horoscope. The King of Wands signifies wise, open, positive, adventurous masculine energy. It can show a literal person in your life; most often a man with light-colored hair. You are likely to have an abundance of energy which you are inclined to use in a positive direction.

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The King of Wands is a positive omen. Even when he does not represent a literal person in your life, he signifies that men around you are generally supportive and think well of you. You will be feeling ambitious and goal-oriented, and furthermore, you will have the wherewithal to carry out what you have in mind. Think positively. Monday to Friday you will be driven to succeed with a strong sense of purpose and initiative. You can achieve a lot of work in a short amount of time, with the courage and fighting spirit to take on just about anything.